Thursday, June 20, 2013


When I was pregnant with my son, I got into a weird habit of waking at 4 a.m.

I was working quite a bit then, and although I'm sure the early morning waking could have been attributed to hormones or internal kickboxing, I like to think that it was our special time together before the world woke up.

And so, we would sit on the couch and watch MacGyver on TV Land, and sometimes, because my only pregnancy complaint was heartburn, we'd eat a little ice cream.

Later, when he was external, we continued the same routine for a few months. I ditched the ice cream, but we kept the MacGyver. And I remember one episode when Mac was trying to save the occupants of a hijacked train? from drug lords? terrorists? I think it was a train, and as he emerged to the dawn he said something like, "A whole new day, a whole set of fresh possibilities. I'm a sucker for mornings."

I looked down at my nursing baby and thought, yeah -- me too.

What I really am is a sucker for quotes.
Mornings ... mornings can go either way for me. I think I'm a sucker for slow mornings and quiet mornings. I believe there's nothing wrong with reading before breakfast, taking a little walk in the garden, visiting the chickens ... I think cardigans are a perfectly acceptable substitute for robes, and when paired with yoga pants, you can get away with strolling around your own backyard for a bit.

I like big breakfasts -- I think I got that from my grandpa. I like the ceremony of big breakfasts.

I like two cups of strong black tea.

I like to ease into my days with my children, because with children come a pretty good range of possibilities -- like this morning, when that same little boy who I first got to know during so many 4 o'clocks asked me, "What's for breakfast this morning, Mom? I'm hoping something continental."

Or when a little girl declares after a busy weekend that Monday is a "pajama day."

OK, I think. I can work with that.

And so another new day begins, and with it, a whole fresh new set of possibilities. I'm a sucker for those kinds of mornings.

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