Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Scoop on Our Coop

I've never been a great decision maker.

I respect my little girl, who at 6 years old is able to walk into an ice cream shop and so decisively point at the flavor she wants -- no taste-testing, no self-doubt.

I admire that trait, and I wish I could have channeled it when our generous friends offered to make us a chicken coop.

Instead, I spent weeks flipping through Pinterest photos, wondering how two nearly identical coops could be $250, and $1,400.

I had some basics in mind, that I thought would come in very handy for our backyard mini-flock:

* I wanted a run area included.
* I wanted something mobile.
* I wanted easy access to eggs.

Finally, I sent a stilted, awkward email that said just that.

And somehow, our friends created this:

It's perfect. And beautiful. And greeeeeen!

It was just what I wanted, and it even arrived for my birthday.

Underneath is has a large run area, big enough for 4 to 6 chickens, with a large flip-down door on one end. Inside, it has two next boxes and a roost. One of the sides comes off for easy cleaning. A door on each end opens for easy access to eggs, and handles on each end make it totally mobile.

Maybe the best part is the little ramp, that is connected to a pulley. The ramp closes up at night for safety, and during the day, the girls can waddle up and down.

Except, you know ... sometimes they can't decide which way to go.

Been there, girls. Been there.


  1. Denise RosenquistMay 23, 2013 at 11:17 AM

    What a lovely post:)

  2. I enjoyed watching from afar as my son-in-law created the coop. It is a work of art. But when I get to see where the coop found a home that's really wonderful! Thank you for sharing.